Pre-purchase inspection of joists under house
Pre-purchase inspection engineer
Engineering pre-purchase inspection on wall of a house

how we help

If you’ve got an eye on a new property – perhaps your dream home – it’s important to bid or put an offer in with confidence, knowing that the house doesn’t have any serious structural issues or defects. As part of your due diligence, it’s prudent to get an engineer’s perspective and a pre-purchase inspection on the property to complement the standard building and pest inspection reports.

Alternatively, perhaps you’ve already got a notion for developing/renovating the property and you’d like to discuss the structural feasibility of your grand designs before proceeding with the purchase?

We’ll inspect the property and look to identify any red flags or visible defects that might suggest there’s a structural issue with the house or its foundations. We also service purchasers looking at apartments and units – we can inspect the subject apartment, as well as the common property and external areas.

We can discuss the implications of any issues observed; whether they’re minor or serious; and whether the defects warrant either a short-term or long-term repair/maintenance approach. All important considerations for when you’re negotiating with the vendor or turning up to bid at the auction!

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