Cracked concrete slab
Defect inspection - cracked brickwork
Crack in brick arch

how we help

If you’ve observed structural defects in and around your property, it’s important to get a structural engineer’s opinion as to whether they’re serious or not. We regularly conduct defect inspections and forensic investigations to help home-owners with their most important investment.

What are the potential defects you might be worried about? We’ll cast a forensic eye on things like cracks in walls; signs of foundation settlement; concrete cancer; bouncy or sagging floors; deterioration of building materials such as timber, brick, and steel; rust and corrosion to structural steel; sagging roof lines; and defects caused by water-ingress and waterproofing failures.

We’ll identify and discuss the nature of the defect and – more importantly – what the likely cause is and whether you need to take action with respect to repairs, remediation, or a more detailed/invasive investigation. It’s important not to undertake costly repairs unless you know what the underlying cause is, and to ensure the remedial work addresses the root of the problem and not just the symptoms. If you need a forensic engineer to assist you, or your situation requires a detailed, forensic investigation, we can certainly help.

We can also undertake dilapidation inspections and prepare dilapidation reports for your neighbours’ properties – this is a common condition of consent imposed by some Councils in Sydney when they approve your Development Application.

For helpful information, tips, tricks, and resources for home owners concerned about their property, you’ll also find some useful articles on our Blog page.

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