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If you’re an apartment owner or architect looking to make structural changes to a dwelling within a unit building, you’ll need an engineer. This could be something like knocking out an opening between the kitchen and dining room areas, or reconfiguring the layout of the internal walls. Perhaps you’re undertaking a major bathroom renovation, or you might own the top-floor unit and you’re hoping to make use of the roof space above you.

If you’re involved with an apartment building – either as an owner or a building professional – you’ve likely heard of the Design and Building Practitioners’ Act. The Act came into force in 2021 and now requires that most aspects of building work for multi-residential buildings needs to be undertaken by builders and professionals registered under the Act.

AD Consulting Engineers has 30 years’ experience in the engineering design and construction of apartment buildings (Class 2), particularly with wall removals and reconfigurations within individual units. AD is a registered Design Practitioner under the Act and can thus assist with such undertakings.

We can undertake an initial investigation to assess and discuss how feasible your proposed plans are to help start the ball rolling. (Note that not all scopes are realistically possible!) If necessary, we can provide reports for the Owners Corporation and/or liaise with Strata as required. If the project gets the green light to proceed, we can undertake the structural analysis and design; prepare the drawings and specifications for any necessary beams/lintels and other structural items; and we can carry out the conformance/quality inspections during the building works.

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